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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) informs the planning process of flood risk and provides information on future risk over a wide spatial area. It is also used as a planning tool to examine the sustainability of proposed development areas in the new Local Plan.

The SFRA considers the River Wey, the River Blackwater and the River Tillingbourne. The SFRA is available to view at our Main reception and from the links below.

Please note: Changes since the publication of the SFRA

Since publication of the SFRA in June 2009, the Environment Agency has published revised flood extents for the River Wey, providing a more detailed and accurate assessment of flood risk. These maps supersede the flood extents shown in the SFRA for the River Wey. The flood zones in the Ripley area (Lovelace ward) have also changed considerably due to modelling of the Guileshill Brook, as part of a site specific Flood Risk Assessment.

When assessing flood risk, the latest available information should always be used.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

SFRA maps

See overview map of the whole borough to show which map number relates to which area.

Appendices B1-B3 at borough wide scale

Hydraulic Model

Environment Agency Flood Zones

Detailed Maps of River Flooding

Flood Depth

Basingstoke Canal - Areas liable to flood in the event of an embankment breach or culvert failure

Other sources of flooding

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