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What are the Approved Documents?

The Building Regulations are a national set of regulations made under the powers of the Building Act 1984.

Guidance to achieving the requirements of the Building Regulations may be found in the Approved Documents which provide a minimum standard of design and construction for new buildings, alterations and extensions.

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There may well be alternative ways of achieving compliance with the requirements and there is no obligation to adopt any particular solution contained in an Approved Document if it is preferred to meet the relevant requirement in some other way.  However if alternative methods are used, justification of the design may be required to show that the appropriate standards are met.

Please ensure that you are using the latest edition of an Approved Document, and that you take any amendments to that document into account.

For convenience, the most recent versions of the Approved Documents of the building regulations' requirements are accessible from the Planning Portal website.

Alternatively, Approved Documents can be purchased from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Bookshops.

You will also find other useful information on the building regulations, including building legislation and other relevant publications by accessing the Planning Portal or Communities and Local Government website.

Last updated: 11 October 2012 13:03 PM