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High Hedges - making a complaint

Information on how to make a high hedge complaint

Guidance notes and information are available on how to make a high hedge complaint. You can access the relevant documents under the downloads and offsite links section of this page.

High hedges complaint form

Use this form to complain to us about a high hedge. Please read the guidance notes before completing this form.

Guidance notes for making a high hedge complaint

These guidance notes are to help you fill in the form to make a complaint about a neighbouring high hedge.

High hedges - complaining to the Council

This government web page explains what will happen if we get involved.

High hedges - appealing against the Council's decision

This web page explains how and when people can appeal if they disagree with the council's decision on a hedge complaint. Appeals are administered by the Planning Inspectorate.

Last updated: 1 April 2015 08:22 AM