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North Street Market

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North Street market is a very well established town centre market that takes place on Friday and Saturday.

There are over 20 stalls offering a variety of goods including traditional fresh meat, fresh fish, fruit, fresh ground coffee, cheese, olives, vegetables, cup cakes, bread, pastries, hot take away food, flowers, luggage, handbags, jewellery and clothes.

The market operates during normal shopping hours on Fridays and Saturdays on North Street in Guildford, and is very close to Leapale Road and Castle multi-storey car parks.

Apply for a pitch
You can apply for a pitch online using the form below. You can also apply in writing, stating the goods you wish to sell, the linear frontage you require and your contact details, to:

Bedford Road multi-storey car park
Level 2
Laundry Road

The rental charge for a pitch is £13.60 per metre frontage per day as of April 2013. This includes rubbish clearance, electricity and water supply. It does not include a canopy or stall, so traders need to provide their own.

Traders will be asked to provide proof of their right to work in the U.K.

The market is long established and very popular and the turnover of traders is small. Please bear this in mind when applying as it may be some time before you can be allocated a pitch. We aim to ensure that there is a fair balance of products being sold. Some products are not on our approved list, so this will be checked when your application is received.

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Traders must have their own stall/canopy to trade at North Street Market
Do you have your own stall/canopy? *
Do you have your own stall/canopy?
You must have your own canopy to trade at North Street Market
Do you hold public liability? *
Do you hold public liability?
You must hold public liability to trade at North Street Market
Please note there is a substantial waiting list for pitches at North Street Market. It may be some time before you can be allocated a pitch.
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