Guildford Local Plan and CIL Viability Study

At independent examination, we will be required to demonstrate that the draft new Local Plan is capable of being delivered. We must therefore consider how the policy requirements of the draft local plan and other planning requirements would impact on the viability of planned developments.

Thepdf icon Local Plan and CIL Viability Study [1Mb] summarises the assessment of a range of residential development scenarios, as well as mixed-use schemes and non-residential developments. It also considers the viability of strategic development sites identified in the draft Local Plan. The study provides advice on the viability of the requirements of the draft new Local Plan

This Local Plan and CIL Viability Study replaces our previous Local Plan and Affordable Housing Viability Study and our Affordable Housing Viability Studies, which are available to view on our Historical evidence page.

The Viability Study shows how planned development can contribute to the cost of providing and improving infrastructure to support it through the Community Infrastructure Levy and planning obligations.

The study recommends rates for our Community Infrastructure Levy that would not place delivery of the plan and its sites at risk. We will use this evidence to inform our Community Infrastructure Levy.

For further information on the progress of Guildford's Community Infrastructure Levy, visit our Guildford Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) page.



Last updated: 14 December 2016 13:45 PM