New Local Plan Themes


We have produced a series of background documents called topic papers to set out how we have developed the key strategy within the draft Guildford borough Local Plan: strategy and sites document.

Each topic paper looks at the relevant national and local guidance that informs the emerging draft Local Plan and explains how the strategy has developed. The topic papers also highlight the information, evidence and feedback that has informed the choices made in formulating the policies.

The intention of the topic papers is to provide background information; they do not contain any policies, proposals or site allocations.  As the draft Local Plan evolves and moves forward we will update these topic papers as appropriate to reflect the most up to date position. All topic papers will be finalised to accompany the submission of the draft Local Plan to the Secretary of State for examination.

The available topic papers are listed below:

pdf icon Topic paper - Flood Risk [874kb]

pdf icon Topic paper - Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change - June 2016 [379kb]

pdf icon Topic paper - Green and Blue Infrastructure - June 2016 [497kb]

pdf icon Topic Paper - Retail and Town Centre - June 2016 [31Mb]

pdf icon Topic paper - Tourism and Leisure [888kb]

pdf icon Topic paper - Duty to Cooperate [474kb]

pdf icon Topic paper - Employment [3Mb]

pdf icon Topic paper - Green Belt and Countryside [297kb]

pdf icon Topic paper - Housing Type Tenure and Mix [380kb]

pdf icon Topic paper - Housing delivery [2Mb]

pdf icon Topic Paper - Transport [938kb]

Last updated: 6 June 2016 11:26 AM