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Birdworld's new exhibit, The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament will be fully open for ETW. In conjunction with the World Owl Trust, this is Birdworld’s newest attraction and features many different owl species in this wonderful new setting.

Birdworld has launched its brand new exhibit, the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament. Open fully from the Easter Holidays, the impressive new exhibit has been created in collaboration with the World Owl Trust (WOT) will aim to educate and raise awareness of these amazing birds.

The beautifully crafted display has been named in honour of the award winning author, Sir Terry Pratchett due to his well-known love of wildlife and in particular, all species of owl. The Owl Parliament has been created both as a satellite of the Trust’s collection and to recognise Sir Terry’s passion for these mysterious birds of prey. Many of the elements of this exhibit have been carefully designed to incorporate his fantasy novels of Discworld.

Already one of the largest bird parks in the country, the 26 acres of landscaped park and gardens are home to over 800 birds and 180 species from around the world. The park also is home to the Underwater World aquarium and the Jenny Wren Farm.

As well as showcasing a wonderment and diversity of owls from the magical snowy owl to the reputedly wise long-eared owl, the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament will be an interactive space where visitors can learn fascinating facts about Strigiformes - the order in which owls belong.

Visitors familiar with the popular Discworld novels, will be able to easily recognise a number of the references but with the unique stylizing of these avairies, everyone exploring the exhibit will be drawn into the mythical and wonderful world of Sir Terry Pratchett.

For the most avid of owl fans, Birdworld also offers the unique opportunity to join the keepers with a Birdworld Owl Handling Experience. The lucky participants will be given the chance to get upclose and personal with the park’s owls as well as receiving a memento as a reminder of their day.

Owl fact file:

Owls are a bird of prey that can be found on every continent except Antarctica.
There are around 200 different owl species.The smallest owl (Elf Owl) reaches weight of only one ounce and length of 12.5 cm. Larger owls (Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Blakiston's Fish Owl) can reach weight of around 4.5 kilograms and a wingspan of around 2 metres. A group of owls is called a parliament.Owls are carnivores. They eat rodents, small mammals, fish, birds and insects.Owls are very successful hunters because they can fly silently. They have a special kind of soft feathers, which muffle the sound of their moving wings. Although it looks like the owl can turn its head completely (360 degrees), they can move it only to a certain extent (just 270 degrees). Strigiformes is the order to which owls belong 

For more information about the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament and all of Birdworld’s other attractions or experiences visit www.birdworld.co.uk or call 01420 22992.

About Birdworld

Birdworld is one of the largest bird parks in the country.
The 26 acres of landscaped park and gardens are home to over 800 birds and 180 species from around the world, as well as the Underwater World aquarium and the Jenny Wren Farm.
Birdworld is located two miles south of Farnham, Surrey on the A325, within an hour’s drive of West London and the South Coast and is accessible both by bus and mainline train service from London.
Birdworld opened in 1968 and has been under its current ownership since 1996. It is part of a family owned and run business, which also includes Forest Lodge Garden Centre and Garden Style specimen plant nursery.
Daily events led by the bird keepers include an outdoor flying display, penguin feeding, the Discovery Theatre show, Animal Encounters on the farm and the Owl Prowl feeding tour (season dependent) .
Opportunities for individual visitors to experience the birds and other animals up close include Penguin Feeding, Owl Handling, Keeper for a Day, bird and animal adoptions and birthday parties.
Many visitors and supporters join the Birdworld Annual Membership Scheme, which offers unlimited visits, member-only events, special offers and a newsletter.Birdworld currently welcomes about 10,000 schoolchildren a year as part of organised educational visits. In addition there are also many visits from Scouting groups and other youth organisations.
Birdworld is also popular with many Special Needs schools in the area. As part of visits, children can enjoy the highly entertaining and educational Discovery Theatre, many aspects of which meet the current national curriculum.
Birdworld is an active member of BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria) and holds a Gold award in the Green Tourism Business scheme

Sir Terry Pratchett
Sir Terry Pratchett was a bestselling fantasy author, best known for his series of 41 Discworld novels. Pratchett’s books have been translated into 37 languages and sold more than 80 million copies to date.Pratchett began writing at a young age, penning short stories for his school magazine. He worked as a journalist for The Bucks Free Press and as a press officer for the Central Electricity Generating Board before becoming a fulltime novelist in 1987.He went on to become the UK’s bestselling author in the 1990s and four of his Discworld books were named in the top 100 of the BBC’s Big Read.In 2007, Pratchett was diagnosed with PCA, a rare form of Alzheimer’s’ Disease. Despite his diagnosis, he continued to write bestselling novels, and advocated for greater dementia awareness and funding as well as campaigning for a change in the law regarding assisted suicide.Pratchett was awarded ten honorary doctorates during his lifetime. In 2001, he won the Carnegie Medal, and was knighted by the Queen in 2009 for services to literature.He died on the 12th of March 2015, surrounded by his family, with his cat on his bed.

The Discworld is a flat world and rests upon the shoulders of four giant elephants, themselves standing astride the shell of a great turtle journeying through space.Despite the fantastical setting and characters, who include witches, wizards, talking animals and even Death himself, Pratchett was determined to write the characters as if they were ‘real’, often exploring contemporary themes such as religion and politics or parodying popular culture.The first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic, was published in 1983. The last, The Shepherd’s Crown, was published posthumously, five months after the author’s death.

The World Owl Trust

·         The World Owl Trust works on owl conservation on a National and International scale. Their conservation programmes protect populations of endangered owls until their habitat has been restored. This has already been achieved for the European Eagle Owl and British Barn Owl.

·         The Trust is a registered charity and relies heavily on the generous donations it receives from their members, supporters and visitors to the Centre. They also run a popular owl adoption scheme.

For more information visit: http://www.owls.org/home/index.html



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