Explore Guildford and Surrey in Springtime - Daffodils, Tulips, Bluebells, baby lambs - here's where to find them.


Guildford and the surrounding Surrey Hills come to life in springtime.  Here are some suggestions where you can enjoy spring at its best.

  • Albury Vineyard - Release their famous Silent Pool Rose in May - free admission to the vineyard.  Wine tasting for £5 per person and tours of the vineyard £15 per person from May onwards.
  • Denbies Wine Estate - you can walk around the estate using the footpaths.  Spring flowers can be found around every corner.

Daffodils at Wildwood

Daffodils and Snowdrops

Always the first springtime flowers to show their heads.  Stoke Park in Guildford is a sea of yellow come springtime.  You have to search a little more for the snowdrops, but both creep into the Wildwood Adventure area.  Watts Gallery bursts into life each spring with daffodils to be found on the walk up to Limnerslease and around the Watts Cemetery Chapel.

Walks along the River Wey always show when spring is on the way, from little ducklings, to beautiful colours.

Loseley ParkGarden is worth a visit from May to September and is always an array of colour - springtime is especially beautiful.

Guildford Castle Grounds are planted up for spring with colourful bulbs to make a cheerful display - and just a stones throw from the town centre.

Bluebells close up


Visit Hatchlands Park - a wonderful place to walk with plenty for young children to do in Wizard Wix's Willow Warren.  You will spot plenty of snowdrops and crocus as well as daffodils aplenty, but Hatchlands really comes into its own during bluebell season.  Not only a beautiful walk, but worth taking your camera too!

Chantry Wood is great for walking and is always teaming with wildlife and plant life.  It is stunning in May during Bluebell season.


Baby Animals and Birds

Head to Bocketts Farm in spring and meet lots of newborn lambs, calves, pigs and even Llamas!  Birdworld will have some newly hatched birds too - check their website for details.

Take a look at our Countryside pages as well as Walks and Tours to explore Guildford and Surrey in Springtime.