Clay Lane Link Road

We are proposing a new link road between Clay Lane and the Slyfield Industrial Estate in Guildford.

The proposed Clay Lane Link Road is to provide a second point of entry and exit to the Slyfield Industrial Estate. The Slyfield Industrial Estate is the principal industrial estate in our borough and an important economic hub with over 100 businesses providing over 2,000 jobs.

The new link road is designed to improve access to the Slyfield Industrial Estate and aims to ease the current congestion issues, help existing businesses grow and encourage new businesses to relocate to the estate which will help retain jobs and create new employment opportunities.

We anticipate submitting a planning application for Phase 1 of the link road in April 2016. Planning application for Phase 1 will be for construction of a new road between Moorfield Road and Westfield Road on the industrial estate. Phase 2 will be the link road between Slyfield to Clay Lane.