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Internal Estates Road

We are constructing a new access road on Slyfield Industrial Estate.

Project description

The road will be approximately 0.5km in length and will continue beyond the eastern extent of the existing roads of the Slyfield Industrial Estate. The new road will provide future access for the re-development of the land east of the estate, enabling the relocation of the Council depot and the Slyfield Community Recycling Centre to the north part of the site. This will provide fit for purpose facilities, will separate commercial and public traffic at the entrance to the waste centre, and will ease the current congestion issues.

We have appointed Balfour Beatty Construction to be the main contractor on the Internal Estates Road project.

Benefits of the project

The benefits of the Internal Estates Road project include:

  • Enabler for the relocation of the Council depot and the Slyfield Community Recycling Centre, providing fit for purpose facilities
  • Ease congestion around the waste recycling facility


The total project will run for 54 weeks from February 2019, completing early 2020.

Progress to date

  • Construction started on 5 March as planned with setting of the site accommodation, haul routes and site logistics. The site accommodation and offices are now fully set up at the eastern end of Westfield Road.
  • Earthworks for the new road started on 12 March with the topsoil stripping. Excavation for the Northern and Eastern Access Road and Northern Roundabout is complete and the excavated material is being treated and stockpiled on site for potential re-use as backfill for the road embankments.
  • Capping for the Eastern Access Road is now complete and the capping for the Northern Access Road is progressing well.
  • Excavation for the Southern Access Road has now commenced at the southern end of the site.

Upcoming activities

The following key activities are planned to take place in the next period.

ActivityAreaStart date
Place capping to the Southern Access Road Imported hardcore material will be placed and spread out onto the footprint of the new road using excavators in preparation for the dynamic compaction.47 May 2019
Phase 1 dynamic compaction A specialist rolling compaction plant with an irregular shaped drum, see picture 1 below, will track along the footprint of the new road to improve the strength of the landfill ground. This could be a noisier element of work and minor vibrations created may be felt by neighbouring tenants.1 & 27 May 2019
Excavation of material from the Sludge Lagoon area Excavation to a depth of approximately 1m of existing ground using excavators. Excavated ground will be stockpiled before removal off site32 May 2019
Backfilling in the Sludge Lagoon Backfilling with imported or 'site won' material to fill back the excavated ground using excavators and standard compaction machinery.317 May 2019

Surface Water Drain diversion Excavation of trenches and shafts to lay pipes and manholes to a depth of approximately 4m using traditional trench boxes, ground support boxes and sheet piles.


29 April


    Slyfield Industrial Estate Access Road

    Site plan of Internal Estates Road.

    Site information

    The project site hours will generally be 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays and weekends.

    In exceptional circumstances, weekend working may be required. If this is needed, those locally affected will be notified in advance.

    Based on available traffic data, the peak hours for local traffic movements are 9am to 10am and 4pm to 5pm. Taking account of peak hours for traffic movement on the wider highway network, construction-related traffic to and from site (deliveries, muck away etc) shall avoid the following times: 8am to 10am in the morning and 4pm to 6pm in the afternoon.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: How will the road closures and the higher level of HGVs affect the local traffic?

    A: There are no long term road closures proposed at this stage. If a carriageway or part of any road needs to be closed for exceptional deliveries to site (say for earth digging machines and the delivery of site cabins) this will be done outside of peak times and with notice provided to neighbouring tenants.

    Q: What health and safety measures have been put in place regarding possible fire or emergency risk?

    A: The contractor will keep a tidy site, all flammable waste will be disposed of safely. All works proposed will be undertaken under the management of a reputable contractor who has an excellent safety record.

    Q: What parking restrictions will be in place during the works and will alternative parking arrangements be provided?

    A: All contractor parking will be within the construction site compound which will include the plots of land 27 and 29 Westfield Road.