Spending on goods and services

To make our finances clear, and meet Transparency Code requirements, we use an accredited organisation called Spikes Cavell to analyse our spending. The information that we publish will give you a better idea of where your money is spent.

Spikes Cavell is a private sector organisation that transforms and analyses spend and related data for more than 720 public sector bodies nationwide.  

It classifies the data and redacts information to minimise the risk of inadvertent breach of Data Protection legislation.

The information is available onSpotlight on Spend.

To help our customers, we have written icon Guidance notes for Spotlight and Spend [281.37KB]  that explain how to get the most from the financial information provided by Spikes Cavell.

Information available on Spotlight on Spend

  • Transactions over £500.

  • Payments to suppliers and contractors exceeding £1,000 per annum.

  • Entries marked as "redacted" are those where the name of the supplier is an individual person. We conceal the name, but not the amount, to comply with Data Protection legislation. Search for "redacted" in the downloaded data files to identify such cases.

  • Purchases on procurement cards. Search for "PCARD" in current year downloaded data files.

  • Information is available in summary format, and downloadable csv files.

  • Data is in clear categories of goods and services such as "building services".

Updates to data

We add new data each quarter. 

Because of the work needed to prepare the data for publication, there is a time lag between the end of quarter and actual publication.

Viewing the data

We have received feedback that some customers have had difficulty finding the information that they want. To help with these requests, we have written  icon Guidance notes for Spotlight and Spend. [281.37KB]

To find out more about what Spikes Cavell do with the data, go the Spotlight on Spend page and click the "About" button on the top left of the screen.