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Adult Social Care precept - percentage increase explanation

The Adult Social Care Precept shown on this year's Council Tax bill has increased by 2%. The increase is calculated as follows:

Surrey County Council precept figure (the amount of money they raise through Council Tax) has been split into two, Surrey County Council and the adult social care precept. For this year their percentage increase of 2% and 2% respectively is a percentage of last year's combined total, not the individual elements (the figure shown in red on the table below). Therefore, it is fair to say that Surrey County Council's increase, in total, is actually nearer 4%. The amount in pounds of these percentage increases are added to last year's separate elements to create this year's charge.

As the increase for Surrey County Council is 4% and Guildford Borough Council and Surrey Police figures had a lower increase, this is how the overall increase is 3.9%.

The table below should show this a little clearer (in this instance, the percentages are rounded to two decimal places).

Adult Social Care Precept 2019-20

How the calculation and percentage increase is shown on your bill is set by legislation and Guildford Borough Council is not permitted to present it any other way.

For details of the finance and budget for Surrey County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey and Guildford Borough Council please see our Council Tax financial information 2020-21 page.

NOTE: Band D figures are provided for illustrative purposes. The same percentages apply to the other Council Tax bands. The table does not include any parish council charge, which may also apply to your bill and if it does it may affect the overall percentage increase.