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Conservation Area Character Appraisals

We are undertaking a programme of Conservation Area Character Appraisals.

The purpose of a Conservation Area Character Appraisal is to:

  • 'Clearly identify what it is about the character and appearance of each area which should be preserved or enhanced and set out the means by which that objective is pursued'.

  • It is hoped that the 'clear assessment and definition of an area's special interest and the action needed to protect it will help to generate awareness and encourage local property owners to take the right sort of action for themselves'.

The aim of a Conservation Area Character Appraisal is to:

  • Improve the understanding of the history and historical context of the area

  • Generate awareness of exactly what it is about the Conservation Area that makes it 'of special interest'

  • Provide residents and owners with a clear idea of what should be cared for and preserved.

  • Provide residents and owners with a clear idea of what enhancements could be made to the Conservation Area

  • Provide a useful tool with which to guide future development, planning policies and practice for the area

Approved appraisals

The approved Conservation Area Character Appraisals can either be downloaded by viewing the documents on this page or are available to purchase (see below).

Appraisals have been completed and approved for:


Bridge Street

Charlotteville and Warren Road


East Clandon

Holmbury St Mary

Onslow Village




St Catherine's

Town Centre

Waterden Road


Purchasing documents

You can purchase a copy of the available documents, prices are below. Please contact customer services on: 01483 505050.

  • Charlotteville and Warren Road Appraisal (sections one to four) - £9.50
  • Charlotteville Warren Road maps one to four - £9.50
  • Bridge Street Character Appraisal - £6.50 Please note: The Bridge Street Character Appraisal is available to download only
  • Bridge Street map - £6.50                                     
  • St Catherine's - £6.50
  • Town Centre Conservation Area Appraisal - £17
  • Waterden Road Character Appraisal - £14

The following Conservation Area Character Appraisals are approved by the Council and are currently waiting publication and therefore are only available to download.

  • Abbotswood (full set of documents) - £14   
  • Chilworth Character Appraisal - £6.50
  • Chilworth conservation area boundary map - £6.50
  • East Clandon Character Appraisal - £6.50
  • East Clandon map - £6.50
  • Onslow Village Character Appraisal - £6.50
  • Pirbright Area Appraisal (full set of documents) - £14
  • Shere Character Appraisal - £6.50
  • Shere map - £6.50