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Landscape Character Assessment user guide

The three assessments have been carried out, and should be read in conjunction, with one another.

The borough wide assessment provides the overview with the rural-urban fringe and townscape studies providing greater detail in these respective areas. Where a townscape area borders the rural-urban fringe, both studies should be consulted.

To access the information, maps and guidance within our Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) firstly look at the overall landscape classification in the rural assessment and landscape classification map.

This rural assessment gives high level analysis and guidance for all landscape types within the borough - and splits them into a series of rural landscape character areas which, although geographically separate, share the same overall characteristics.

View a icon hierarchy table detailing the landscape types in each assessment [133.35KB]

You may find more detailed information and guidance on the landscape character areas and how they relate to the adjacent urban areas if your area of interest falls close to the urban areas of Guildford or Ash/Tongham.

Finally, townscape character areas are assessed within Guildford and Ash/Tongham.

To help you understand and interpret our LCA, please view our icon glossary of terms [40.7KB] .

All the reports give guidance on planning, development and land management. When issuing guidance based on LCA, we are accepting change is part of the development of our landscapes, however the LCA is used so that this change can be guided to where it is most appropriate and least damaging. What LCA seeks to prevent is dilution of landscape character - LCA is a way of guiding change so that we can maintain local distinctiveness and a sense of place.