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Garage lettings - frequently asked questions

faq icon + 17106 How much does it cost to rent a garage?

Garage rent charges are per week and are dependant on their location. Read more >

faq icon + 17107 Can I buy a council garage?

No. At the present time, we have no plans to sell council garages.

faq icon + 17108 Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs?

As the tenant, you are responsible for the locks, keys and the keeping of the garage in a clean and tidy condition. Read more >

faq icon + 17109 How do I report a problem or request a repair?

Please contact our repairs team. Read more >

faq icon + 17110 How do I end my garage tenancy?

You need to provide us with one week's notice in writing or via email with the tenancy ending on a Sunday. Read more >

faq icon + 17111 Can I rent more than one garage?

Yes. However, if there is a waiting list for garages in your choice of areas and other applicants do not already rent a garage, they will take priority when a vacancy occurs.

faq icon + 17112 Can I add extra security to my garage?

Yes. You may add a hasp and padlock to the door of the garage if you wish. Read more >

faq icon + 17113 If I am in rent arrears, can I still rent a garage?

No. The Council will not rent a garage to you until all debts owed to us are cleared. Read more >

faq icon + 17114 How do I pay for my garage?

A rent payment must be paid in advance by cheque or card and all subsequent rent payments by direct debit. Read more >

faq icon + 17115 How does the waiting list work?

You can be placed on a waiting list if your choice of garage is unavailable. Read more >

faq icon + 17116 Is Housing Benefit payable on garage rent?

No. Tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit are not entitled to additional benefit to pay for garage rent.