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Our Museum shop has a range of historical books, cards and unusual gift ideas.

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Local history books
With Ramparts Crown'd - The Early History of Guildford CastleBy Dr Mary Alexander£3.95
Roman SurreyBy David Bird£8.50
The Breweries and Public Houses of Guildford (Part 2) by Mark SturleyPart 1 looked at Public Houses in Guildford. Part 2, published in 1995 takes a look at the Public Houses of surrounding villages.£2.00
Tunsgate Report by Kevin Fryer and Andrea SellyComprehensive report on the important wealth of finds from a rescue dig in 1991. Includes a report on one of the earliest teapots made in England and 17th Century Glassware. Well illustrated.£0.50
The Pitkin Guide to Guildford £1.50
A Short History of Guildford by Matthew Alexander £5.95
The Castle Guide by Dr Mary Alexander £1.99
Modern Celtic Art Garden Pottery by Veronica Gould (of Archibald Knox and Mary Seton Watts) £5.50
Surrey Heath in the 18th CenturyBy Phil Stevens£12.50
St John Ambulance in Guildford the first 50 years by Sarah Mercer £10.00
Foxenden Quarry air-raid shelterBy Helen Davies£3.00
Chilworth Powder Mills by Glenys Crocker £1.50
Saxon Secrets in Surrey by Rob Poulton £4.95
Infantry Regiments of Surrey £17.50
And the Lord Taketh Away The Mount Cemetery by Roger Nicholas £3.95
Lewis Carroll in Guildford £0.50
Territorial Battalions of the Queen's Regiment £3.00
The Breweries...Part 2 £4.00
Normandy ParkNormandy Historical Association£12.50
Hidden Depths An Archaeological exploration of Surrey's Past by Roger Hunt £2.50
A Surrey Garland Local Folklore by Matthew Alexander £7.95
A Medieval Royal Complex Excavations at the Castle and Palace by Rob Poulton £7.00
The Royal Castle and Palace at Guildford by Rob Poulton £1.50
Yvonne ArnaudBy Janet Hildersley£3.00

Pots and Potters in Tudor Hampshire

By Jacqueline Pearce£10.00
Miscellaneous items
Victorian Happy Families GameReproduced from a hand drawn 1860s game£1.99
Black and White Prints of Guildford £0.50
Ichnography (18th Century Town Plan) £0.50


Victorian items on sale in the museum shop
Pick-up Sticks£1.50
Slate Board/pencil£3
Wooden Dip Pen and ink£5
Large bag of marbles£2
Small bag of marbles£1
Single marbles 25p 
Cotton bag to keep marbles in80p
Wooden skipping rope£1.30
Large Victorian coin keyring£1.80
Small sixpence coin keyring£1.20
Bouncy ball£1
Spinning top40p

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