Protocol information for the Mayor

We hope the questions and answers below will help you plan your visit.

How should I introduce the Mayor at a function and how should I address him or her?

✔ When introducing the Mayor at a function please introduce him, or her as: "The Worshipful the Mayor of Guildford, Councillor first name and last name, for example, Richard Billington"

✔ If the Mayor is accompanied by an official escort just add "and Escort, Mr or Mrs...."

✔ In the case of a male Mayor who is accompanied by his Mayoress, just add "and the Mayoress, Mrs....."

✔ Please introduce the Deputy Mayor as "The Deputy Mayor of Guildford, Councillor ...." as with the Mayor.

✔  Thereafter the Mayor should be addressed as 'Madam Mayor' (or in the case of a male Mayor - Mr Mayor, and the Mayoress (where applicable) as Madam Mayoress.

✔ The Deputy Mayor should be addressed as "Madam, or Mr, Deputy Mayor". The Mayor or Deputy Mayor's Escort should simply be referred to by their name.

When does the Mayor attend as the First Citizen of the Borough?

The Mayor is the principal guest at any social function held within the borough to which he, or she, has accepted an invitation as Mayor.  As Mayor they attend as the First Citizen of the Borough and not as a representative of the Council, or any particular section of it.

What time should the Mayor arrive at a function and what protocol should I follow?

The Mayor would normally arrive five to ten minutes before the start of a function, unless you have requested otherwise on the bid form/information sheet.

Please make sure he, or she, is met by a responsible officer of your organisation who can then escort and introduce the Mayor to the host, or assembled company. It is also very important that the host be in attendance for the duration of the Mayor's visit, so as to make the most of the Mayor's attendance and enhance the experience for everyone concerned.

Where should the Mayor be seated?

At a formal dinner, lunch etc, the Mayor traditionally sits on the immediate right of the host. The Mayor sits on the immediate right of the person presiding at a meeting, unless he, or she, is in the Chair.

What happens if the Mayor attends a church service?

At a church service, please arrange for the Mayor to be met at the entrance to the church and escorted to the front pew on the right hand side of the centre aisle. The only exception to this practice would be at a funeral service, or other private service when the Mayor would give up his, or her place to the family mourners and take the front pew on the left.

Can we take a photograph of the Mayor?

It is fine if you are a voluntary organisation and would like to take a photo of the Mayor during your event for the use of your organisation or club.

However, if the photograph is to be used for a commercial organisation, please note that no use should be made of any photograph, image of or reference to, the Mayor in any commercial publicity, advertising, promotional or public relations material for present or future use to promote your company, business, products or services, without the prior written consent of the Mayor's Office.

What if a member of the royal family is also attending our event?

The Clerk to the Lieutenancy will no doubt advise regarding protocol but please contact the Mayor's office for guidance.

What if the Deputy Mayor is representing the Mayor?

All the procedures outlined above also apply to the Deputy Mayor when attending an event on behalf of the Mayor, as his or her representative.