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Licensing fees

The licensing fees (from 1 April 2017) for Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles, their drivers and Private Hire operators can be found in the tables below. Please note that application fees are for the grant of the licence and apply to all applications received on or after the 1 April 2017.

Hackney Carriage Driver applications2017-18 Fee
Hackney driver's application fee£355.50
Hackney driver's renewal fee£355.50
Hackney Carriage replacement badge£7.81
Conversion from Private Hire to Hackney Carriage driver£55.00
Hackney driver's Knowledge Test£90.00


Private Hire Driver applications2017-18 Fee
Private Hire driver's application fee£355.50
Private Hire driver's renewal fee£355.50
Private Hire replacement badge£7.81
Private Hire Knowledge Test£14.80


Hackney Carriage vehicle applications2017-18 Fee
Hackney vehicle application fee (including licence plate)£210.20
Hackney vehicle renewal fee (including licence plate)£210.20
Hackney licence vehicle change£11.73
Hackney licence plate£10.00
Hackney temporary vehicle change (3 months)£67.50
Vehicle test fee£57.00


Private Hire vehicle applications2017-18 Fee
Private Hire vehicle application fee (including plate)£179.90
Private Hire renewal fee (including plate)£179.90
Private Hire vehicle change£11.73
Private Hire licence plate£10.00
Private Hire temporary vehicle licence (3 months)£59.90
Private Hire vehicle signs (2 signs)£10.00
Vehicle test fee£57.00


Private Hire Operator's Licence (5 year licence) applications2017-18 Fee
Private Hire operator's licence£264.70