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Recycling and Refuse Services Customer Charter

Guildford Borough Council is committed to providing high-quality recycling services to all of our customers. These services are provided for you as a resident or commercial organisation of Guildford Borough.

This Customer Charter states our intention to always deliver high quality services that meet the expectations of our customers. This Charter provides you with the standards that you can expect from our services and also highlights how you can help us to meet these standards.

The services include the servicing of the recycling 'bring sites', commercial recycling collections, garden-waste collections, kerbside recycling and refuse collections.

We aim to:

  • provide weekly collections of food waste, and fortnightly collections of paper/card, cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, household batteries and clothing/textiles from the majority of domestic properties within the borough. (Some services may not be available to some flats or in some locations that have poor access).

  • provide a fortnightly collection of refuse, except where we are unable to provide a weekly collection of food waste. Where this is the case, refuse collections will be weekly.

Provide to the majority of domestic properties within the borough:

  1. One green recycling bin or 104 recycling sacks* per year.

  2. One small 5 litre kitchen food waste caddy and one large 23 litre kerbside food waste caddy.

  3. One black wheeled bin or 104 black sacks** per year, except to those households with 5 or more permanent residents or to households where a resident has a medical condition that results in additional non recyclable waste.

* recycling sacks are only available to households where the property has been deemed unsuitable for a wheeled bin by a council officer.

**Black refuse sacks are only available to those households where the property has been deemed unsuitable for a wheeled bin by a council officer.

Additional recycling containers (excluding food waste liners), are available free of charge. Contact us on 01483 444499 for more details.

  • to provide 'Assisted Collections' of recycling bags or bins to residents who are physically unable to place their containers at the kerbside and have no one to help them to do this

  • ensure that all containers are returned correctly to where they had been presented for collection. They will not be left blocking driveways

  • ensure that all spillages caused by the crew are cleared up by the end of that working day. The office will be contacted if assistance is required

  • ensure that all crews treat customers in a polite and courteous manner with the minimum of disruption

  • provide 'bring sites' (recycling banks) in suitable locations across the borough for a wide range of recyclable materials

  • ensure that all 'bring sites' are kept clean and tidy

  • promote or supply home composters for residents

  • provide a green waste collection service for a small fee to domestic properties on request

  • provide collection points for Christmas trees across the borough after Christmas each year

We will also:

  • respond to all letters within ten working days

  • respond to all emails within three working days

  • provide a hotline service for waste and recycling enquiries

  • ensure the crews leave a tag clearly showing you why your  caddies, refuse or recycling bins or garden waste bins have not been emptied if there is a problem with the contents.

  • ensure that if we have failed to empty your bins, caddies or bags on the due collection day, they will be cleared within two working days from when you reported this to us. This must be reported to us within two working days.

You can help us by:

  • ensuring your refuse, recycling bins or garden waste bins and kerbside food waste caddies are put out for collection by 6.30am on the day of collection

  • trying to recycle or compost as much as you can

  • telling us your concerns and any problems you have experienced. If you think that we have missed your collection you will need to let us know within two working days after the scheduled collection day

  • treating our staff in a polite and courteous manner and in the same way that you would wish to be treated

  • rinsing out your bottles, jars and cans before putting them into the recycling bin

  • keeping your food waste caddies clean

  • not placing non-compostable waste in your food waste caddy

  • not placing hazardous materials such as oil, asbestos and paint in either the wheeled bin or black sacks

  • not placing garden waste in your wheeled bin or sacks - a collection service for garden waste is available for a small charge

  • not placing sharp items such as broken crockery, glass, knives and needles unprotected in sacks or boxes. Please wrap these items securely in newspaper or card and place in your wheeled bin or refuse sack

  • putting your house number on your caddies and bins so the crew can return them correctly

  • ensuring that the food waste caddies and garden waste, refuse and recycling wheeled bins or sacks are placed at your designated collection point, this is usually next to the road or at the kerbside and clearly visible

  • providing us with all the information we need to provide you with the correct level of service or to address your complaint

  • taking notice of any information we provide regarding our services