What is your Customer Charter?

Guildford Borough Council Heritage Services is committed to providing a high standard of service to all of its customers.

See also Guildford Borough Council's Corporate Customer Charter.

Guildford Heritage Service is part of the Council's Economic Development Service Unit. We are committed to providing a high standard of service to all of our customers.

Who we are and what we do:

Guildford Heritage Service aims to work with local people and other partners to collect, record, and care for Guildford's unique cultural heritage and to promote understanding and enjoyment through access and education for all.

In addition to the Council's Customer Charter we aim to:

  • respond to all enquiries within the agreed timescales outlined in the Guildford Borough Council Customer Charter, however if an enquiry is of a more complex nature which may result in a longer response time, we will notify you accordingly

  • provide an out of hours voicemail service

  • continually update our online information

  • provide a polite, welcoming and efficient service

  • be responsible and accountable for the accuracy and quality of our work

  • respond to enquiries about the collection and matters requiring research within 20 working days

  • give complaints the highest priority for investigation and written response

  • provide staff with the required training and support to deliver an excellent service and

  • ensure all areas accessible to the public are maintained in a clean, presentable and safe condition at all times.

Operationally we aim to:


  • provide high quality, value for money services and information that is easily accessible to all
  • remain committed to providing displays which interpret our collections in ways which are interesting, stimulating and enjoyable for visitors
  • continue to document the collection in order to ensure that our responsibilities towards donors and lenders of items are fulfilled, and that information about our collections can be made readily accessible to users
  • publish our acquisition and disposal policy, and make this available to all users upon request
  • remain committed to helping teachers by presenting our collection material in a form that supports the National Curriculum
  • seek and encourage feedback by actively canvassing the comments and perceptions on the quality of service from individuals and groups and
  • provide forms for visitor comments, complaints and enquiries at all Reception areas.

We would welcome your feedback about our customer charter and service standards.  If you have any comments please contact us.