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Guildford Community Covenant Panel

Guildford has demonstrated its commitment through the establishment of a Community Covenant Panel to develop and deliver actions that support current and former armed forces personnel and their families.

Members of the Guildford Community Covenant panel

Chair & Armed Forces Champion


Councillor Tom Hunt.  

Guildford Borough Council



Councillor John Rigg (Deputy Armed Forces Champion) 


Guildford Borough Council

Councillor Dennis Booth


Guildford Borough Council

Councillor Gordon Jackson


Guildford Borough Council

Lt Col Robert Sandford


ATC Pirbright

Debbie Goldsmith


ATC Pirbright

    Armed Forces Champion

    Councillor Tom Hunt is Guildford's Armed Forces Champion, Councillor John Rigg is the deputy. The Armed Forces Champion's key role is to promote the objectives of the community covenant within the Council and wider community.

    The terms of reference of the panel are:

    1. To develop and oversee the delivery of a covenant action plan.

    2. To raise the profile and needs of the armed forces community (serving personnel, both regular and reserve, their families, veterans and cadets).

    3. To foster closer working relationships with the local armed forces community, including the involvement of the military in local projects and events.

    4. To work with the Surrey Civilian Military Partnership Board and other neighbouring councils on the delivery of relevant activities and initiatives.

    5. To keep abreast of relevant national developments.

    6. To liaise with the local business community to promote the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant and encourage support for the armed forces.

    7. To promote funding bids from local organisations to the national Community Covenant Fund.

    8. To support local cadet units.