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Effingham Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation dates announced

As a result of Guildford Borough Council designating Effingham as a Neighbourhood Area on 4 April 2013, Effingham Parish Council has engaged with the parish community and other stakeholders to produce the Effingham Neighbourhood plan.

The next stage of the process is for the residents of the parish and other stakeholders to give their views and opinions on the content of the plan. The consultation process will run from 20 March to 30 April 2017.

To see the neighbourhood plan, and to tell us your views on the plan, please visit the consultation website at: ​getinvolved.guildford.gov.uk​​​

Paper copies of the plan are also available to view at the main reception of Guildford Borough Council's offices and at the libraries in both Horsley and Guildford.

A neighbourhood plan is a document containing planning policies for a single neighbourhood area. If the plan is adopted, it will become part of the Development Plan for the borough and will help decide planning applications within the Effingham Neighbourhood Area (Effingham ward and parish), along with the Council's existing Local Plan and other considerations.

If you want to find out more about the proposal for a neighbourhood plan, further information can be found by emailing the Planning Team planningpolicy@guildford.gov.uk or by calling 01483 444605.

Published on Friday 17 March.