Online form to report overgrown grass and vegetation

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    1. We regret we are unable to action reports of overgrown grass and vegetation where the location is not specific enough for us to find, or is on privately owned land.
    2. Fields marked with an asterisk * must be filled in.
    3. Are you reporting overgrown vegetation obstructing the highway? *
    4. Please contact Surrey County Council on 0300 200 1003 or use the Report a highway problem online form

    5. Are you reporting overgrown vegetation which is on private land? *
    6. Please contact the owner of the land. For more information on land ownership, please visit HM Land registry
    7. Are you reporting: *
    8. If possible, please give the address and postcode for the location of the overgrown grass and vegetation to help us resolve the issue.
    9. Would you like to be contacted about the report you've made? If yes, please give your name, email address and telephone number
    10. Please note, in order to resolve your query, your details may be shared with other authorities
    11. Please read Guildford Borough Council's Privacy Statement if you wish to proceed.
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