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Online form for Community Governance Review of Normandy Parish

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      3. We would like to know what you think of the proposals to:

        1. increase the number of parish councillors on Normandy Parish Council from seven to nine

        2. make no other changes to the electoral arrangements in respect of Normandy Parish Council.

        The changes to "electoral arrangements" are:

        (a) the year in which ordinary elections of parish councillors are to be held

        (b) the division (or not) of the parish into wards for the purpose of electing parish councillors

        (c) the number and boundaries of any such wards

        (d) the number of parish councillors to be elected for any such ward

        (e) the name of any such ward.

        In relation to (a) above, we propose that no change be made to the year of ordinary elections, as they currently coincide with borough council elections and elections to other parish councils in the borough.

        In relation to (b) to (e) above, the introduction of 'wards' would mean that each parish councillor would be elected by voters living within a particular area (or ward) within the parish, and they would represent those voters on the parish council. We propose that, irrespective of the outcome of this community governance review, Normandy Parish Council should continue to be unwarded, that is, no change be made. Normandy Parish Council supports this proposal.

        Please see more details on our Community Governance Review page

        Please select 'Yes' or 'No' in the boxes below.

      4. Do you want the number of parish councillors on Normandy Parish Council to increase from seven to nine? *
      5. Do you agree that no other changes should be made in respect of the electoral arrangements of Normandy Parish Council? *
      6. Would you like to be informed of the outcome of the Community Governance Review? *
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