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Improved weekly collections make recycling even easier - highest 60% rate achieved

Recycling textiles, small electrical items and batteries is simpler and more convenient, as we have now started collecting these every week, rather than in separate, fortnightly collections.

Cllr Matt Furniss, Deputy Leader of the Council, says: "Thanks to the great efforts of our residents we have recently increased our recycling rate again to a fantastic 60%. Our latest improvements, to collect textiles, small electrical items and batteries weekly, will make it even easier for everyone to recycle and help to unify collections across Surrey.

"Our service teams also work tirelessly to maximise recycling across the borough and I hope these changes will lead to another increase in how much we collect. This goal will bring environmental benefits as well improving the lives of people in our local communities. So I encourage everyone to help us achieve it by recycling as much as you can!"

Residents should place their unwanted textiles and small electrical items in a plastic carrier bag and leave them next to their refuse or recycling bin on collection day. Batteries should be placed in a clear sandwich bag and left on top of the bin.

Please ensure that all items are able to fit into a carrier bag, as anything larger cannot be taken. Whenever possible, bigger items should be donated to charity shops.

Please also look out for the new recycling calendars detailing collection dates, which we are currently distributing to households across the borough.

For more information on waste and recycling visit our Recycling pages.

Published on Friday 3 November.