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The Games We Played: an exhibition of childhood board and card games

10 February to 14 April.

This is a fun exhibition for all the family.  Explore some of the most popular, as well as lesser known, board and card games from the 1920s through to the 1970s.

Discover more about the games played in ancient times, as well as some more recent favourites including board games, card games, dice and dominoes.

Do you remember Spoil Five from the 1920s, Battle Royal (1940s), Wembley(1950s)? Did you play Sooty Saves Sixpence (1960s) or Sum-It a decimal currency game from 1968?  Pop in to this free exhibition to have your memories rekindled and remember fun from a pre-digital age. 

Come along and challenge your family to a compendium of games. Have a go at giant snakes and ladders, jumbo dominoes and many more. Make your own board game or dice.

A variety of games will be available to try throughout the exhibition, with additional games brought out especially for drop in sessions during  half term (12 to 17 February) and in the Easter holidays (2 to 14 April).


Take a look at the That's Surrey TV footage of the exhibition.


Free entry.

Board game Flutter trading game