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Glass recycling

Sign up for our glass recycling service, popular with local bars, pubs and restaurants.

Our single stream recycling services, such as the glass recycling service, are aimed at businesses that produce large quantities of a particular type of waste.

During our specialised glass recycling service, we collect mixed glass bottles and jars, making your recycling easier. There is no need to separate your glass into different colours.

Collection frequencies

Glass collections in Guildford take place on:

  • Mondays

  • Fridays

  • Saturdays (fortnightly)

Your collection frequency will depend on the quantity of glass you produce and the storage space you have available for containers.

Container type

We collect glass from 240 litres wheeled bins.

The wheeled bins are easy to manoeuvre to a location that suits you and the recycling set-up at your business.

Why keep glass separate?

  • Some businesses have a large quantity of glass to be recycled. By separating glass from the mixed recycling, we avoid unnecessary sorting at a later stage. As a result, this keeps the costs of the service down.

  • Removing glass from the mixed recycling stream makes it easier for customers to move their recycling containers. Glass is a heavy material to move in large quantities.

Contact us

Contact us for a quote on glass recycling collections from your business either by: