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Cardboard recycling

Free cardboard collections if you subscribe to one of our other commercial waste services.

Our single stream recycling services, such as the cardboard recycling service, are aimed at businesses that produce large quantities of a particular type of waste.

We will collect bundled cardboard free of charge if you subscribe to one of our other waste or recycling services.

Collection frequencies

If you regularly have large quantities of cardboard:

  • Our service operates from Monday to Friday, between 5.30am and 1pm.

  • We work with you to agree a collection frequency that is suitable.

  • The town centre collection takes place on Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure to present your loose cardboard in front of your premises by 9.30am at the latest.

If your cardboard quantities are unpredictable:

  • you can email or call us and request a collection. This can be once a month, or once every few months.

Container type

We ask customers to store their cardboard in a sheltered area to keep it dry. We usually collect cardboard loose.

Bins for cardboard can be provided if you feel it is necessary. Your needs for a cardboard bin will need to be discussed with our commercial waste and recycling team.

Why keep cardboard separate?

We have a separate collection for cardboard because:

  • cardboard is a bulky material and takes up too much space in our customers' mixed recycling bins.

  • some businesses produce large quantities of cardboard. By separating this from the mixed recycling, we avoid unnecessary sorting at a later stage. This keeps the cost of the collection service down.

Contact us

Contact us for a quote on cardboard recycling collections from your business either by: