The Discerning Eye

14 July to 16 September.

This is the first time the Discerning Eye has come to Guildford. Established in 1990 as an educational charity, the Discerning Eye encourages a wider understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and aims to stimulate debate about the place and purpose of art in our society, and the contribution each one of us can make to its development.

Each year the Discerning Eye hosts an exhibition of small works (50cm maximum size) in London.

Since 2006, the Discerning Eye has been acquiring works of art from the annual exhibition to create the Discerning Eye Collection. Work from this diverse collection forms our exhibition at Guildford House.

Free entry.

Allan MacDonald - White light, black Cullins
Emma by Roxanna Halls

Everything that is not saved will be lost - Andrew McNeile-Jones
Ray Richardson - Ferg Kelly

Images: top row, left: Allan MacDonald - White light, black Cullins; right: Roxanna Halls - Emma;

bottom row, left: Andrew McNeile-Jones - Everything that is not saved will be lost; right: Ray Richardson - Ferg Kelly.