Take a Closer Look Exhibition

Exhibition runs from 21 July to 29 September.

Guildford Museum has over 100,000 objects in its care, including items illustrating local archaeology and history, needlework and toys, and items associated with famous people such as Lewis Carroll and Gertrude Jekyll.

A representative selection of these diverse and often intriguing objects forms the heart of our Take a Closer Look exhibition.  

Come to Guildford Museum to enjoy a closer look yourself at fascinating objects with stories to tell about the people who made them, used them, or perhaps discovered them. You can also see the objects in our collection by visiting our Take a Closer Look web pages.

Free entry.

Take a closer look - jug
Jug for Take a Closer Look exhibition

Tuesday Tales at Guildford Museum

As part of the supporting programme for our Take a Closer Look exhibition, we are holding free, drop in sessions at the museum from 24 July until September, every Tuesday at 1pm.

These informal discussions will look at interesting objects from the borough's history and art collections. Come along and join in the conversation!

Watch the video to find out more about Tuesday Tales at Guildford Museum.

Opening screen of the video shows: Harvesting, linocut print by Robert Tavener, 1969 © The Estate of the Artist