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What information do Planning Services make public?

Planning legislation makes clear that we must have a register of applications that have been submitted to us, which is a list of those cases we are currently considering.

Our planning register is available online on the Guildford Borough Council website. We must make information available about who has made the application, what the proposal is and representations we receive for the application.

When an application has been decided we still need to keep it on the register. There are reasons for this including the submission of an Appeal, which can be received up to six months after the decision and may not be concluded for some time depending on the type of the Appeal. The application plans, supporting information, the Officers report and the decision letter will continue to remain online. Any comments made by people we have consulted and comments from the public will be retained for a period four years after the period during which an appeal can be lodged has expired. Comments taken into consideration by the officer and included in the report will remain part of the planning register indefinitely.