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Clinical or medical waste

We can collect clinical waste from your home for free.

Arrange clinical waste collection

If you have clinical waste that you put into an orange sack, we may be able to arrange to have it collected from your house. We will need a letter from your doctor's surgery or hospital before we can start collections, all NHS Trusts covering Surrey are aware of this requirement. 

To arrange collection please call customer services on 01483 505050 or email customerservices@guildford.gov.uk

Syringes and other 'sharps'

This includes syringes, needles or other sharp instruments, known as 'sharps'.

Please do not dispose of these in your general rubbish. We will supply a sharps box and will leave an empty one for you, if required, when your full one is collected.

To arrange for a collection, or to be delivered a container, please call customer services on 01483 505050 or email customerservices@guildford.gov.uk.

    Unwanted medicines

    Please take your unwanted and out of date medicines to your local pharmacy. Please do not put them in your normal rubbish bin.

    Empty non-contaminated packaging and containers for medicines and other medical products can be placed in household recycling bins. These may include cardboard boxes, paper instructions and clean plastic bottles.

    Disposing of other types of waste in your black bin

    The following items can be double wrapped and placed in your black bin (as long as they are not infected):

    • dressings, bandages etc that are not contaminated

    • sanitary products

    • incontinence pads

    • stoma bags

    • catheter waste

    • empty saline or glucose IV bags and tubing

    • 'peg' or stomach feeding equipment

    We can provide you with a second bin to accommodate the volume of waste being produced, but we will need a letter from your doctor's surgery or hospital confirming this.