West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan passes referendum

The West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan passed a referendum held on 22 November 2018, with a 95.92% majority 'Yes' vote.

The overall turnout for the referendum was 37.63% of local residents. A total of 777 people voted in favour of Guildford Borough Council adopting the Plan and 32 voted against.

Following the successful referendum outcome, the West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the development plan for the borough of Guildford and must be considered when determining the outcome of planning applications within the West Horsley Neighbourhood Area.

To see the Referendum version of the West Horsley Neighbourhood Plan, please visit West Horsley.

To find out more about neighbourhood planning in West Horsley, please visit West Horsley.

Further general information about neighbourhood planning is available on our website at Neighbourhood planning information.

Published on Friday 23 November.