The Council takes more successful enforcement action

The Council issued an enforcement notice on 2 March 2017, requiring the demolition of a fence erected without planning permission in Ash Vale.

The notice was issued due to the poor design and location of the fence, which led to an adverse impact on the character of the property. The fence, due to its proximity to the dwellinghouse was considered to be inappropriate, oppressive and confining in its appearance, which was not in keeping with the surrounding area.

After receiving the notice, which required the demolition of the fence and removal of materials from the land, an appeal was submitted by the recipient to the Planning Inspectorate. The Planning Inspectorate amended the enforcement notice and provided the option to reduce the height of the fence or demolish it. Compliance with the notice was not achieved by the compliance date. The Council has therefore taken default action to remove the fence.

Lead councillor for Housing and Development Management, Cllr Philip Brooker, said: "The fence remained in breach of the notice served by the Council and we took direct action to take it down. Although we would prefer recipients of enforcement notices to take action themselves, where we work closely with them, we will always ensure those ignoring such notices will not succeed through default."

Published on Wednesday 19 December.