Independent council watchdogs wanted

We are looking for three volunteers to be formally co-opted as independent members to serve alongside councillors on Guildford Borough Council's Corporate Governance and Standards Committee from May 2019.

The committee has a key role in maintaining high standards of internal control and governance and its work includes:

  • monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of internal controls, including internal and external audit, management of risk and governance processes
  • reviewing and approving the Council's statement of accounts each year
  • promoting and maintaining high ethical standards across the organisation
  • monitoring and reviewing the operation of the Council's Constitution

The committee usually meets on six evenings each year at Millmead House, Guildford.  All of our meetings are open to the public and press and are webcasted.

Profile Q&As

What sort of person are you looking to appoint?

Ideally you will have significant experience of working at a senior level in a large, complex organisation and have a very good understanding of strategic or financial management or have sat previously on a committee dealing with audit and/or corporate governance matters.

You should be involved in the local community and have an interest in local government. You will be expected to bring an independent, objective and informed perspective to the committee's work.

Please note that to be eligible for appointment, you must not be engaged in party political activity, or have been at any time in the last five years, a councillor or officer of Guildford Borough Council or be a relative or close friend of a councillor or officer of the Council.

How long will my appointment be?

The appointment will be for an initial term of office expiring in May 2023. Thereafter appointments will be made on the basis of a four year term, which reflects the ordinary term of office of a councillor, with serving independent members being eligible for re-appointment.

Do I have to live or work in Guildford borough?

Not necessarily, but local knowledge will be an advantage.

Is the appointment paid?

No, but each appointed independent member will be entitled to receive a small co-optees' allowance (currently £344 p.a.) and claim out of pocket expenses to cover the cost of attending meetings.

How will the successful candidates be appointed?

The Council's Monitoring Officer will short-list candidates and invite them for interview by a panel comprising the Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Standards Committee, the Director of Finance and the Monitoring Officer.

Interviews will take place in the morning of Thursday 28 February 2019 at the offices of Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, GU2 4BB.

The panel's recommendations as to the appointment of three co-opted independent members will be referred to the Corporate Governance & Standards Committee at its meeting on 28 March 2019, with the final decision being taken by full Council at its meeting on 9 April 2019 for approval.



For more information please read our icon Information for Independent Member applications [90KB]

If you wish to apply for appointment as a co-opted independent member of the Corporate Governance & Standards Committee, please send your CV together with a personal statement indicating your suitability for this role, preferably by email, by no later than 5pm on THURSDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2019, to:

John Armstrong