Think before you ink

Thinking of having a piercing, acupuncture, a tattoo, or micro-blading? Make sure you use a registered practitioner!

There are many places and people that provide cosmetic treatments and acupuncture. They must register and comply with bylaws. However some do not.

Justine Fuller, Regulatory Services Manager, explains: "Before undergoing any procedure with your practitioner, ask to see their registration certificate or check on our website to see if they are registered. If they are not or don't have a certificate, the premises might not be registered. Think before you go ahead with any treatment - and make sure you understand the risks involved."

Businesses and individuals with a registered certificate have been checked for hygienic practices and premises, knowledge and training, sterile equipment and infection control. 

Justine Fuller adds: "Our bylaws are there to protect the public, customers and patients. Having a cosmetic treatment or acupuncture from an unregistered practitioner means they haven't undergone these necessary checks so it's always better to find a registered practitioner."

Practitioners that need to be registered include acupuncturists, beauty salons and beauticians. Go to our Acupuncture and cosmetic treatments registration page to find a list of registered premises. 

If you think a practitioner is unregistered, please contact Regulatory Services:

Published on Wednesday 1 May.