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Please stay at home and stop the spread

We'd like to say thank you to all of our residents who are diligently following the government guidelines to #stayhomesavelives and only go outside for essential groceries and to exercise once a day.

We are still seeing non-family groups gathering in some of our parks and as we move into the weekend we urge residents to only exercise, not socialise, within walking distance of your home. Please do not drive to visit one of our countryside sites - we know it is tempting but we all need to play our part and reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Mixing with people outside of your household is risking people's lives. The police have new powers and can fine people who are gathering in groups if you do not move on when asked to.

Cllr Caroline Reeves, Leader of the Council says: "We are at a critical stage in the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus and we need you to play your part to help save lives. If you are going out to exercise, only go once a day and either go alone or with members of your household. Please don't drive to local beauty spots to exercise - walk to your local park but try to avoid the busiest times, which are lunchtimes and early evenings. All of our playgrounds and outdoor gyms are closed so please do not use them. We understand how difficult this is, especially for children and teenagers who are no longer at school, college and university and we know as parents how hard this is. But if we do not stick to the guidance, the virus will spread more quickly, putting our vulnerable groups at further risk and greater pressure on the NHS."

One person who is asymptomatic for five days and doesn't practise social distancing can spread the virus to 2.5 people. Those 2.5 people will infect others and in 30 days 406 people will be infected, all because the first person didn't observe social distancing.

Published on Friday 27 March.