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Gardens of Remembrance weekend opening hours

The Gardens of Remembrance will be open at the weekends only (from 9am to 8pm) from 30 May. They will be closed during the week to protect mourners and staff.

The Book of Remembrance Room and Flower Room remain closed. The Bereavement Services Office is closed to the public but please use our online enquiry form if you have a question about our services.

Temporary arrangements - crematorium and cemeteries

Please read this page to find out about the temporary arrangements we have in place to support you during this difficult time.

To protect the safety and wellbeing of those bereaved, our teams and funeral director colleagues, we are closely following government guidelines and the Coronavirus Act 2020. This means that currently, attendance at funerals is restricted to immediate family only, with a maximum of 10 people, until further notice.


For those who can't attend, we are able to offer webcasting services at a reduced cost, so that family and friends can be part of the service without leaving their home. Please contact your funeral director to arrange webcasting and for latest updates on the guidance.

Office and facilities

  • The Gardens of Remembrance will be open at the weekends only (from 9am to 8pm) from 30 May. They will be closed during the week to protect mourners and staff.
  • Our cemeteries remain open, but we have closed the Book of Remembrance and the Flower Room. No visitors can come at any time.
  • The bereavement services office is currently closed and is only able to deal with enquiries by phone relating to an immediate cremation or burial. The crematorium office is completely shut on Saturdays until further notice.

We are keeping all funeral directors up to date with these changes, so please ring your funeral director if you have any questions.


Please read the updated cremation guidance for applicants. It describes how to organise a cremation, including how to apply for a cremation, declare your wishes regarding ashes, right to inspect medical certificates and declare fitted implants.

Medical practitioners

Medical practitioners please read guidance on completing cremation forms.

Funeral directors

Funeral directors please read guidance on cremation regulations and forms.


You can contact Bereavement Services by completing our enquiry form.

We will be following this timetable from 8 June.

8:30Direct service  / non attended£495
8:40Direct service  / non attended£495
9:00Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
9:45Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
10:30Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
11.15Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
12:00Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
12:45Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
13:30Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
14:15Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
15:00Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925
15:45Standard service  (30 minutes in chapel )£925


Please note:

  • the fees are now as advertised on 1 April
  • we are not offering Saturday slots
  • you can book a double slot from 8 June