Grass and vegetation

Grass cutting

We maintain and cut the grass on Guildford Borough Council owned land. This includes 2,600 acres of parks, countryside and open spaces around Guildford. We also cut the grass on behalf of Surrey County Council Highways so that roads and pavements are safe.

Urban areas

Urban areas are where grass grows in built-up places, these are generally areas with a 30 or 40 mph speed limit. After we cut the grass in urban areas we leave the cuttings of grass over the cut area. This helps to put nutrients back into the soil, prevents some weeds and preserves moisture.

Worplesdon Parish Council is responsible for cutting the grass in the parish of Worplesdon.

Rural areas

When we cut grass in rural areas, we aim to maintain the natural growth of wild flowers and habitats for wildlife. Grass that is next to any roads is cut twice per year. 

For borough housing grass cutting and garden maintenance enquiries, contact your area housing manager on 01483 444288.