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Parking permit renewals

We are processing Guildford resident parking permits. Due to planned strike action by Royal Mail there could be a delay in receiving your new permit. Leave your old permit on display until you receive your new one.

Grass cutting, shrubs and weeds

Grass cutting

We cut and maintain grass on Guildford Borough Council owned land. We also cut and maintain highway grass verges on behalf of Surrey County Council.

In total we maintain over 3.8 million square metres of grass across Guildford.

Council owned land

We cut the grass in council owned residential areas. These areas include communal gardens, roadside verges and green spaces. We carry out up to 10 cuts per year. Our grass cutting season runs from March to September. Final cuts can take place as late as November if the weather has affected our cutting schedule.

We cut our parks and open spaces up to 15 times a year. This allows for sports, events, and recreation activities to take place.

We leave some areas of grass to grow wild. Guildford has increased its number of wildlife areas over the last few years. This is to protect and enhance local pollinator populations.

Wildlife areas are carefully considered. We ensure that safety is maintained along roads and pathways and too avoid creating potential fire hazards.

Surrey County Council owned land

We cut some roadside verges on behalf of Surrey County Council. They classify their highway verges as 'urban' or 'rural' depending on the location.


These are verges along roads with a 30 or 40 mph speed limit. We leave the arisings over the cut area. Grass verges in urban areas are cut up to seven times a year. We align our urban grass cuts with our council owned land cuts.


These are roadside verges along roads with a 40 - 60mph speed limit. We aim to maintain the natural growth of grass and wildflowers where it is safe to do so. This is for the benefit of pollinators. In rural areas, we cut the highway verges twice per year with a focus on sightlines at junctions.

Highway works

We are also contracted by Surrey County Council to cut highway verges along major routes. These include the A31, A331 and A246. A lane will be closed to safely carry out these works. Surrey County Council manage these highway works.

Highways England maintain highway verges on the A3.