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Grass cutting, shrubs and weeds


We carry out weed control on Guildford Borough Council owned land. We also manage weed growth on Surrey County Council highways and adopted footways. Weed control helps create safer public spaces and highways. It also prevents the spread of invasive plant species.

Residential roads in the borough are treated twice a year, once in the spring and again in late summer. Application is timed with weed growth for greatest control

The active ingredient in the weed treatment we use is Glyphosate. This has a very low toxicity to humans, animals and insects and is approved for use in areas open to the public. We minimise the amount of chemical used by adopting spot treatment methods. Operators will treat an individual plant only. Spraying units use sensors to detect the individual weeds and apply the treatment.

Our parks team use cultural methods at some of our sites. These include hand weeding and hoeing. We also jet wash our playgrounds safer surfaces.