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Local council tax support scheme

Proposed changes for 2022/2023

For our 2022/23 LCTS scheme, we are proposing the following changes:

Update the amounts used to calculate entitlement

  • increase personal allowances. This is the amount that a specific type of household is expected to need each week. The allowance is based on government welfare allowances for Housing Benefit (help with rent). This assumes that a single person over 25 needs £74.70 per week and a couple £117.40. There are more allowances for children. Increasing these ensures that the help given does not reduce due to inflation
  • increase premiums. These are amounts for specific needs such as being a carer or having a disability. Increasing these ensures that the help given does not reduce due to inflation
  • increase non-dependant deductions - this means we expect non-dependents aged 18 or over to contribute more to the household they live in. The contributions range from £4.05 per week for someone who is unemployed to £12.45 for someone earning around £24,000 per year

Our Local Council Tax Support scheme remains one of the few that does not require everyone to pay something regardless of their circumstances. Around 71% of current Local Council Tax Support recipients have 100% of their Council Tax paid. Over 94% have 50% or more of their Council Tax paid.

Remove the Band E restriction for 2022

  • in response to the pandemic we removed the cap on help with the Council Tax for residents in a band E property. We propose that this change is extended for a further year. Only 6% of recipients are currently in a band E property

More information 

Alongside the working age Local Council Tax Support Scheme we also have a Hardship Fund. This provides help for those affected by our scheme rules. The fund is not for long term support, but is to help those who are most in need.

We would like to hear your views on the proposed changes for 2022/23.

We would also like your suggestions to reduce, maintain or increase the level of support we offer.

The scheme for pensioners will not change unless the Government makes changes.