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Are you putting black bags in your recycling? Please read our page about contaminated waste. Thank you.

L - leaves, light bulbs, linen...

Recycling directory (A-Z) - information and advice about recycling different goods and materials.

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Leaves can be home composted or you can sign up to our garden waste collection scheme.

Instead of throwing leaves away or burning them, which is bad for the environment, spread them around bushes, under hedges and on bare earth. By next spring the worms will have composted them to produce rich, fertile soil. Alternatively put them into a leaf mould bag or a black sack with some holes punched in. Water them liberally, tie up the sacks and leave them in a corner of your garden. A year later you will have a superb leaf mould.

Light bulbs

Energy-saving light bulbs can be recycled at Slyfield Community Recycling Centre. Although they are initially more expensive, they last a lot longer, use less electricity and are far more economical in the long run.

Fluorescent tubes can also be recycled at Slyfield Community Recycling Centre.

Unfortunately the old-fashioned style light bulbs cannot be recycled. Please do not put them in glass recycling banks. Put them out with your normal refuse, wrapped so as not to cause injury to the refuse collectors.


Please double wrap clean linen in a couple of tied plastic bags and place next to your green wheeled bin for kerbside recycling or take to a recycling bank.

Many charity shops also accept linen.

Last updated: 12 March 2014 10:47 AM