Community Engagement Strategy and Community Involvement in Planning

Informing, involving, consulting

It's important for everyone to have the opportunity to get involved and have their say in local issues that affect or interest them.

To help make this happen, we have  adopted a community engagement strategy setting out how everyone working and living in the borough can get involved. We have also adopted a document on community involvement in planning, setting out how and when you can get involved in planning policy and decisions in your area.

What is a community engagement strategy?

The community engagement strategy guides us and our partners (including the county council, police and health service) on how we engage with our communities, interested people and organisations in the many services we all provide.

What is community involvement in planning?

This document sets out how we involve the community and other interested individuals and groups as we prepare planning policies and guidance and when we consider planning applications in Guildford Borough.


A 12 week consultation period on the drafted documents ended on 2 June 2011.  We noted your comments and amended the documents where appropriate.  The documents were adopted at the Executive meeting on 14 July 2011, and the Community Engagement Strategy was approved by the Local Strategic Partnership Board on the same day.

Since this date new Government legislation has been introduced, and as a result we have updated the Community involvement in planning document to reflect these changes. This revised document was adopted at the Executive meeting on 20 June 2013. The changes include the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework 2012 which encourages local communities to get involved in the development of Local Plans and planning decisions that affect their area. Local authorities have a role in supporting this, and helping to facilitate neighbourhood planning. Local authorities also now have a duty to cooperate with neighbouring councils and other public bodies.

The council has encouraged pre-application consultation for large scale development for some time and now the Localism Act 2011 ( formally requires this. The legislation for preparing Local Plans has also been updated. Further information on Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (no 767) can be viewed at Attached below is a factual update note to be read alongside the Guildford borough Community involvement in planning Local Development Document 2013 (CIP). It seeks to highlight details of legislative or factual updates that have occurred since the CIP adoption date in June 2013.

You can view the documents online below or at Guildford Borough Council's Main reception, Millmead House (see ourContact us pagefor full address).


Guildford Borough Council and its partners in the Local Strategic Partnership (now known as the Public Service Board) have informed, consulted and involved the community in many ways to influence local services.  To see some case studies of community engagement in Guildford borough please click on the link below: