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Food waste collection for businesses

Sign up for our food waste collection service, popular with bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Our food waste collection service is aimed at businesses producing large quantities of food waste that is currently being put into refuse bins.

What we collect

Our commercial food waste collection service will take dairy products, fish, fruit, vegetables, meat, bones, bread, pastries, tea bags, coffee grounds, rice, pasta and beans.

The waste must not include packaging, liquids, oil, liquid fats, black bin liners or any material that is not food.

Food waste bins should be lined with a plastic liner for hygiene reasons, but not a black bin liner as these are used for general refuse.

For more information, please email commercialwaste@guildford.gov.uk.

Collection frequencies

Our services run from Monday to Saturday. Your food waste bin would be emptied at the same time as your refuse and recycling collection.

Your collection frequency will depend on what you need as a business, the quantity of food waste you produce and the storage space you have available for your containers.

Container type

We collect food waste from 120 litre wheeled bins.

The wheeled bins are easy to manoeuvre to a location that suits you and the waste storage set-up at your business.

Why keep food separate?

Some businesses produce a large amount of food waste. By separating the food waste from general refuse, we are able to take the food waste to special waste management centres. At the centres, the food waste is processed and broken down into a methane-rich biogas that can be used as fuel to generate renewable electricity and heat. 

By separating food waste from refuse, you should cut down the amount of refuse you produce, so you may be able to reduce the number of collections you need.

Contact us

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