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Countryside projects

Shalford Common boundary works

We are beginning works to protect Shalford Common from unauthorised access.

Trees have already been planted in this area in order to maximise the success rate before the growing season fully starts. You can view a map of further boundary works below, these include:

  • an earth bund at the cricket pitch opposite the shops
  • a second earth bund at the cricket pitch opposite the shops
  • bollards in line with the tree line at the cricket field on Chinthurst Land
  • an earth bund at Woodbine Cottages with pedestrian access points

At Woodbine Cottages we felt that the addition of an earth bund would provide greater security as we do not propose additional tree planting in this area. As requested by residents, we will remove the existing bollards at the end of the track.

This work is scheduled for July 2019.

If you have any questions about this work, please contact countryside@guildford.gov.uk

Shalford Common boundary work

Images showing boundary works

  1. Chinthurst Lane boundary
  2. Chinthurst East boundary
  3. Chinthurst West boundary
  4. Kings Road Shops boundary

Co Chinthurst Lane_Boundary 2_BOLLARDS
Co ChinthurstEast_Boundary 7 copy_BUND

Co ChinthurstWest_Boundary 1_BUND
Co KingsRoadShops_Boundary 3_BUND