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European Union Referendum 2016

The EU Referendum was held on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Result for the Guildford counting area

The result of the EU Referendum for the Guildford voting area has been declared. 

Votes to remain a member of the European Union = 44,155
Votes to leave the European Union = 34,458
Rejected votes = 44
Overall turnout = 76.97%
(Postal vote turnout = 88.66%)
(Polling Station turnout  = 72.93%) 

icon European Union Referendum Count Results [84.14KB]

The result of the poll held in the Guildford counting area was sent to the Regional Counting Officer (RCO) in Southampton, to be added to the results from the other authorities in the South East Region.  This was then sent to the Chief Counting Officer, in order to produce an overall result for the UK.

Further information about the Referendum, including the Chief Counting Officer's roles and responsibilities, can be found on the Electoral Commission's website.