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Historical evidence

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

The SHLAA 2014 was published in two parts:

· SHLAA May 2014 - Guildford Town Centre, Guildford Urban Area, Ash and Tongham Urban Area and Village Settlements

· SHLAA June 2014 - previously developed land in the Green Belt, land in the Countryside beyond the Green Belt, land currently in the Green Belt and land under consideration for inclusion in the village settlement boundary (inset from the Green Belt)

Combined, these two documents provide information for Guildford borough. The total housing figures for the borough are included in the SHLAA dated June 2014.

Following a call for sites (November 2014 - January 2015), prepared an update to the SHLAA, which in compliance with the National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG), is a Land Availability Assessment (LAA). The LAA considers land for a range of uses, including housing, employment, retail, leisure and community.

icon Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) - Partial update May 2014 [20.13MB]

icon SHLAA July 2014 [21.08MB]

Briefing note and FAQs about the SHLAA

Guildford Local Plan and Affordable Housing Viability Study

icon The Viability Study [1.57MB]

icon Development Viability Appraisals [854.73KB]

Affordable Housing Viability Study

An Affordable Housing Viability Study (April 2008) was produced to inform development of the Council's Affordable Housing Policy in its new Local Plan.

Appendix III of the 2008 Study was updated in February 2009 to help us understand the  impact of the economic changes at the time.

This has been updated to help us consider further changes in the economy.

Strategic Housing Marketing Assessment (SHMA)

icon Draft West Surrey SHMA [3.96MB]

icon Draft West Surrey SHMA summary document [156.52KB]

icon Differences to draft Guildford SHMA May Report [71.95KB]

Guildford key outputs of demographic modelling (available on request)

We published a draft SHMA for a four-week engagement period in January 2014. We received numerous comments during this period that have helped inform the updated draft Guildford SHMA. It has been prepared in accordance with the final National Planning Practice Guidance. It also includes further work regarding students. The new draft SHMA and appendices are available below:

2009 SHMA

In 2009, Guildford and the neighbouring borough councils of Waverley and Woking published a joint SHMA for West Surrey. As part of this work, we produced a separate Housing Needs and Market Assessment Survey for Guildford borough.

In 2010, we produced a statistical update on some of the factual data within the SHMA.  This should be read alongside the main report.  We have recently commissioned a Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) as part of a range of background documents that will help inform the housing policies and proposals in our new Local Plan.  It is an assessment of peoples' housing situation based on interviews with households living within our borough. The HNA can help inform our future SHMA, which we are in the process of commissioning. We will publish it on this page once it is complete.

The West Surrey SHMA, the supporting Guildford Housing Needs and Market Assessment Survey (February 2009) the SHMA statistical update and the HNA are available to download below.

Infrastructure Requirements Study

An infrastructure requirements study has been undertaken to develop a common understanding of the need for new infrastructure and services in Guildford Borough and provide background information for the Guildford Development Framework (GDF).

The Infrastructure Requirements Study (April 2007) is the second edition of this report available to download below.

Work is currently underway to prepare an Infrastructure Delivery Plan for the borough, and in particular to support the delivery of the Core Strategy.

Retail and Leisure Study

icon Retail and Leisure Study May 2011 [619.98KB]

icon Retail and Leisure Study May 2011 - Appendices [1.19MB]

icon Retail and Leisure Study Household Survey Volume 3 May 2011 [589.84KB]

The Retail Study 2006 was carried out to inform the preparation of retail policies and allocations for GDF (Guildford Development Framework) documents including the Core Strategy and Town Centre Area Action Plan.

This is available to download from the links below.

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (December 2012)

Revised Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (August 2007)

For each stage of production of the GDF documents, the SA document is available below. Non-technical summaries are also available.

Core Strategy Further Options, Interim Sustainability Appraisal (May 2009)

Core Strategy and Town Centre Area Action Plan Preferred Options Interim Sustainability Appraisal (June 2006)

Annexes to the Town Centre Area Action Plan Preferred Options Sustainability Appraisal Report

Core Strategy Issues and Options Initial Sustainability Appraisal (March 2005)

Town Centre Area Action Plan Issues and Options Initial Sustainability Appraisal (May 2005)

Site Allocations Issues and Options (November 2007)

Until 2008, SA of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) was also required by law. These are available below.

Woodbridge Meadows SPD (November 2007)

Vehicle Parking Standards SPD (May 2006)

Sustainable Development SPD (July 2005)

The SA original scoping report 2005 is available below.

Guildford Town Centre Sustainable Energy Study

The aim of the study is to assess the potential for providing combined heat and power (CHP), renewable energy and other energy efficiency measures on proposed major development sites in Guildford Town Centre.

The report comprises three main elements:

  • Overview of the technologies covered by the study
  • Options appraisals for the major development sites for CHP
  • Renewable Energy CHP financing options and Section 106 guidance

The report can be downloaded from the links below.


Previous strategic transport assessments supporting the plan-making process

Previous strategic highway assessments have considered a range of growth scenarios representing different scales and distributions of potential development in the borough.

A new strategic highway assessment is currently being prepared with Surrey County Council and will be published shortly. It will be published on our Transport evidence webpage. This assessment follows and builds on earlier strategic highway assessments, but will be different in that, firstly, it will assess the growth scenario that represents the spatial strategy in the Proposed Submission Local Plan, and secondly, it will assess the mitigation provided by the highway schemes from the programme of transport schemes that are considered necessary for the delivery of the plan.

Town Centre Vitality and Viability Reports

icon Town Centre Vitality and Viability Report 2011 [4.14MB]

icon Vitality and Viability Report 2010 [2.38MB]

Employment Land Needs Assessment / Employment Land Assessment

icon Employment Land Assessment 2013 [5.04MB]

icon Employment Land Needs Assessment 2015 [2.82MB]

icon Errata for Employment Land Needs Assessment 2015 [22.15KB]

How many new homes?

icon How many new homes? [3.36MB]  is a background paper, which, along with all of the evidence already published, helped the Council to produce the Local Plan Strategy and Sites Issues and Options document.  The paper examines the possible ways to determine the number of new homes we need to plan for in Guildford borough to 2031.

How many new homes? uses the range of information sources to develop eleven different examples that illustrate different levels of development. This will help the Council to develop a housing number for the new Local Plan.  The report looks into the factors that might cause the population to increase such as household growth and migration. It uses information from other documents such as the Employment Land Assessment (ELA), which looks at the number of new jobs needed in the borough over the lifetime of the new Local Plan and the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) which looked at the number of people in housing need.

A definitive number for the housing increase needed has not yet been determined by the Council.  We will continue to gather information on the available options through the forthcoming consultation and consider the new household projections when they are published.

icon Briefing note and FAQs [103.57KB]

PPG17 Open Space Sport and Recreation Audit

icon PPG17 Audit Full Report 2006 [1.63MB]