Street and house names

We arrange the street naming and numbering for new development projects in the borough, the maintenance of street nameplates and the house name changes of existing properties.

If you need to name and number a new development, or would like to report a missing or damaged street nameplate, please email: or call 01483 505050.

Any highway signs such as direction signs, information boards or road signs are the responsibility of Surrey County Council.

Surrey County Council
Tel: 08456 009 009
Fax: 020 8541 9004

House naming

You can apply and pay online to add or change the name of your house.

To avoid any confusion, we cannot register a new name if it is the same or similar to a name of another property in the area.

Please do not make any changes to the address of your property until you have the address confirmed in writing.

Once a house name has been confirmed as acceptable, we will send an acknowledgement letter to you and notify various services including Royal Mail, the emergency services, statutory undertakers and interested parties.

If the property has a house number, the house number cannot be removed from the address. However, you may have a house name in addition to the number. The owner of the property is obliged to use the allocated house number in their postal address and to display the house number in a prominent position on the property so it is clearly visible from the road.

Who can request change of name?

We can only process a request to change the name of a property from the owner of the property or their appointed agent. We cannot accept requests from prospective purchasers of properties before the exchange of contracts has taken place, nor from tenants.