Guildford Innovation Awards 2018 - supported by Kyan

Inspiring tomorrow's solutions today

Innovate 2018 banner

The Guildford Innovation Awards 2018 have been designed to celebrate what Guildford does best - innovate! There are a number of business awards, but none focusing specifically on innovation in and around Guildford. 

The deadline to apply for the awards has now passed.

The awards are aimed at building upon the success of the 2017 Innovate Guildford programme, celebrating inspirational innovation across a spectrum of sectors in the borough and promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths ('STEM') subjects. They were open to individuals, businesses and social enterprises located in the Guildford Borough, with eight categories and a ninth, special award for 'Most outstanding innovation' whose winner will be drawn from all categories.

Information supplied on the application form will be used to shortlist the entries. These will be evaluated at a group judging session which may then require members of the judging panel to visit the applicant to gain a better understanding of the innovation.


  1. Innovation in Retail - sponsored by Experience Guildford
    This award highlights businesses demonstrating successful implementation of change through innovation in retail strategy, products, procedures or technology.
  2. Sustainability Award - sponsored by Dunsfold Park
    Open to all innovations in the fields of engineering, science and technology that demonstrate a contribution to genuine sustainability or innovation across a number of sectors including but not limited to - the rural environment; energy-saving technologies; improving the quality of urban life.
  3. Innovation in Healthcare - sponsored by Whiteley Clinics
    This award recognises research and development within animal and human health.
  4. Innovation in the Voluntary Sector and Corporate Social Responsibility
    This award is for an innovation by or for the voluntary sector, either designed or delivered by an organisation based in Guildford Borough, that addresses a genuine social need.
  5. Innovation in the Creative Industries Sector - sponsored by Charles Russell Speechlys 
    Open to organisations whose primary function is the delivery, development or production of the arts or creative services. This award will recognise the contribution the Arts industry makes to the economy and includes but is not limited to music, gaming and entertainment.
  6. Emerging Technologies 'Tomorrow's World' - sponsored by InterFocus
    This award focuses on emerging and enabling technologies across all sectors of industry and areas of research.  This is the category for inspirational solutions for tomorrow's challenges, recognising the best of a 'work in progress'.
  7. Young business of the Year - sponsored by University of Surrey Student Enterprise
    This new award recognises companies trading for less than 24 months by the closing date of the Awards. It highlights the most inspiring launch and early development of a technology, product or service.
  8. Young Innovator of the Year (25 and under) - sponsored by Gold-i
    As the name suggests this category focuses on the innovative creativity of young people up to and including 25 years of age.  
  9. Most outstanding innovation - sponsored by Kyan
    This award will be given at the discretion of the judges to an individual, company, project or technology that in the judge's opinion most successfully demonstrates creativity and innovation.

Terms and conditions of entry

  1. The awards are open to individuals, social enterprises and businesses located in Guildford Borough. Businesses owned or part-owned by employees of the sponsors or members of their families are not eligible to enter.
  2. Once received, no entries will be returned.
  3. All entries must be submitted on the official registration form.
  4. Entrants are encouraged to send relevant supporting material (e.g. photographs, drawings, testimonials or videos) No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers or sponsors for any material sent.
  5. All materials and information submitted will be treated as confidential and will not, subject to 6 below, be disclosed to third parties without the express permission of the entrant.
  6. The winners may be required to take part in media publicity and this is a condition of entry. They must also agree to take part in the presentation ceremony and to exhibit their products/innovations at the presentation if required to do so by the organisers / judges.
  7. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any infringement, loss of, or for the protection of patents, copyrights or any other rights in the ideas and proposals submitted in this competition. Entrants must ensure that any necessary protection of their interest is arranged before submitting their entries.
  8. The organisers cannot be responsible for entries which may be damaged, delayed, lost or mislaid in the post or otherwise or for any subsequent letter or document not being received on time.
  9. There can be no appeal against the decision of the organisers or of any of the judges. All decisions in respect of the judging must be accepted as final in respect of all matters concerning this competition including the interpretation of the rules and conditions.